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In a world full of highlight reels, it's really easy to feel like you're not keeping up with the shiniest influencers on the block. The truth is, talking about money feels really hard, especially if you're not swimming in it. Your Two Cents makes talking about money feel way less gross, and even brings on some familiar faces to share their tips and tricks on how to stretch that budget so you can feel like you have it all. Talking about money is the new not talking about money.

Your Two Cents is proudly made in partnership with Atlantic Credit Unions and has been nominated for 4 Canadian Screen Awards since it's debut. 

Featuring: Jonathan Torrens, Madison Tevlin, The Arkells, Clark Backo, Annie Murphy, Jay Onrait, Brooke Lynn Heights, Andrew Phung, Sam Maggs, Tiffany Pratt, Alicia McCarvell, Blair Turnbull, Jasmine Parent, Dylan Playfair and so many more.

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