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Stand-up Comic Nathan MacIntosh stars in ‘TRAPPED’ along with all-star cast including Jonathan Torrens (Letterkenny, Trailer Park Boys, VOLLIES), Ron James (The Ron James Show) and Darcy Michael (Spun Out, TikTok Sensation).

When the pandemic hit, Nathan Macintosh wasn’t sure if he’d stay in New York, which he now calls home, or return to his roots in Nova Scotia. He started writing about the possibilities of what returning to his old life might look like and "Trapped" is the result. In the show Nathan comes home for a visit and becomes entangled with his Mother played by Trina Corkum (Chapelwaite, Diggstown) and some past flames.

Nathan also gets into an argument with Jerry, who uses video of the altercation to blackmail Nathan into working the busiest day of the year at his shoe store The Toe Shelf. Nathan's agent warns him that if the video is released, it could lead to the end of his deal with a major streaming service. If getting cancelled wasn't enough to worry about, Nathan’s Mom is relentless in the pursuit of finding Nathan a ‘real career’, a love life and a meaningful relationship with his conspiracy theorist cousin Sampson (Torrens).

Watch TRAPPED on Bell Fibe TV1 Now.

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