Canadian Content Studios has a sole purpose. To create memorable moments.


If you’re a brand looking to make waves, let’s make a digital series together that will hit a bullseye right in the middle of your target audience.


If you’re a company looking to connect virtually, we can create both live, and pre-taped experiences.


Your employees don’t want another tired training video. They want a fresh take on subject matters that will help them thrive in their roles. They want to laugh, get excited, feel something.

Content consumption is on the rise, and it’s not changing anytime soon. Content keeps us connected to our families,

friends, colleagues, and people we don’t even know yet.


Audiences are savvy enough to know overt product placement when they see it, so we create branded content that is as smart as they are.


From our digital series to corporate training videos to sizzle reels that actually sizzle, CCS is raising the bar for what branded content can and could be.



 Collaboration is key. From ideation through execution, we’re here to look after the details.

If your idea is half-baked, we’ll get you to the finish line looking like a fine pastry chef.


Looking for a fresh idea but don’t know where to start? We can help with that!

Ideas are a dime a dozen, but we’ve got thousands.


Our deep-seeded experience with both corporate partners and entertainment execs perfectly positions us to deliver turn-key content to help grow your business.


Let us worry about your brand colours, output specs and length by platform. You’ve got enough on your plate.


We’ve got attention to detail, a rolodex of talent, and the experience to back all of our lofty claims. 


We want you to look good. Like, really good. And we want to see you achieve your business goals too!

Don’t believe us? Just watch!



For 30 years, Jonathan Torrens has been a mainstay in Canadian TV with resume credits that include Street Cents, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D, This Hour has 22 Minutes, DeGrassi, Royal Canadian Air Farce and Letterkenny.


A multiple Canadian Screen Award-winner, Jonathan has vast experience both in front of and behind the camera as a host, actor, writer, director and producer.  


His experience with live corporate events helps bridge the gap between boring and buzzworthy.

We can't wait to work with you!

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Sylvia Beirnes knows how to deliver. With a far-reaching background in Entertainment and Brand Marketing and a passion for pop-culture that is second to none, your projects will be handled with meticulous detail from start to finish.


Her work with Mercedes-Benz, Empire Theatres and Cineplex among others, has not only honed her digital chops but given her exposure into the inner workings of big brands and studios.


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