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we're an ideas factory.
(but also a production company and commercial agency)



Canadian Content Studios is a production company with outposts in Truro Nova Scotia, and Toronto, Ontario. CCS creates, develops and brings to life TV Shows, Digital Series, Commercials and Podcasts. We’ve even been known to do some public speaking and live events. We are certainly not doctors (but can play them on TV) but we’ve got a pretty good handle on how to directly access the funny bone, the heart, and the brain.


We like to think of ourselves as an ideas factory. Whether you’ve got an established brand looking to create something fresh, or you’ve got a problem you need some help solving, let us take a crack at blowing you away with an idea that will deliver on audience engagement and business objectives.


Every show, campaign or podcast we create has been filtered through the lens of audience response, brand perception and social strategy.


In other words, we get that your business is still a business. We love that. The great news is that your business can also show up in new and exciting ways that will take it to places it’s never been before.


Great content can change everything.

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Collaboration is key. From ideation through execution, we’re able to look after the details from start to finish.


Whether you’ve got a solid idea in your head, or if it’s half-baked we’ll get you to the finish line looking like a fine pastry chef.


But what if you’re stumped and have nowhere to start? We can help with that too!

Our expertise in brand and social marketing along with decades in entertainment and content creation uniquely positions us to support your business with both strategy and content.


We like to keep your money on screen. So with us you get experts in brand and digital marketing, copywriting, TV production, podcasts and digital content creation. Based on your project needs we curate the perfect team to make your goals a reality.


What you won’t get with us are fancy offices with fancy views packed with fancy people because we believe that simply costs you more money than you need to spend.


When it comes to on-screen talent, it’s part of our secret sauce. We have wonderful relationships with emerging artists, superstar social media influencers, musicians, actors, choreographers and more.


We love making good stuff with good people.



Our deep-seeded experience with both corporate partners and entertainment execs perfectly positions us to deliver turn-key content to help grow your business.


Let us worry about your brand colours, output specs and length by platform. You’ve got enough on your plate.


We’ve got attention to detail, a rolodex of talent, and the experience to back all of our lofty claims. 

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Our Work
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Our Team


For 30 years, Jonathan Torrens has been a mainstay in Canadian TV with resume credits that include Street Cents, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D, This Hour has 22 Minutes, DeGrassi, Royal Canadian Air Farce and Letterkenny.


Jonathan's talents are vast and he's humbly accepted Canadian Screen Awards for his work as a Writer, Director, Producer, Actor and Host.  


His experience with live corporate events helps bridge the gap between boring and buzzworthy.


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Sylvia Beirnes' deep understanding of Brand Marketing is rivalled only by her passion for pop culture. A natural magnetism that draws people to her coupled with her meticulous attention to detail ensures every aspect of your project will be handled with competence, efficiency and courtesy. 

Relationships with Mercedes-Benz, Empire Theatres, Cineplex, Charm Diamond Centres, Government of Nova Scotia, CBC and Roots have helped hone her digital chops and equipped her to navigate the inner workings of big brands and studios.

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